I'm so glad that you are here! Thanks for texting MGILL to 71441 on your cell phone or smart device! I'll be sending you an encouraging word via text and ever so often, I'll have links provided for you to be aware of upcoming events in your area, opportunities to grab an encouraging tool to help you grow, and I'll invite you to share in giving to a cause or vision that God has given me to help inspire people from all around the world! For now, enjoy the video of the week below! Remember, everyday of your life is a day of victory! - Marcus Gill


Since the very beginning in 2007, I have been honored by faithful hearts like yours that have stood behind us fueling our efforts to reach out to the lost, and we are blessed knowing that you are standing with us to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Don’t waste time with the wrong folks. Anybody who pulls you away from your best, is not the best for you to be connected to. When you are connected to the right people, no time with them is a waste. Time with the right people is always worth it.
— Marcus Gill