Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill


I took my time establishing a few characteristics of a false friend and now I’d like to help you to understand the value in connecting with the right people. The bible gives us some of the greatest advice, if not the absolute best advice, on how to be and remain blessed. In Psalm 1 verse one the one tells us not to dwell in the council of the ungodly, in other words, be careful not to find yourself connected to ungodly people. As a child of God, we do have a responsibility to reach the ungodly, but it doesn’t mean that we are supposed to be connected with them on a level that goes beyond our opportunity to witness. Truth be told, you become who you connect with.

Even more specifically, in some versions of the bible it tells us in that same verse, that we are blessed when we walk not in the council of the ungodly. That’s a mighty good promise. That one of the things that we must do in order to be blessed is to simply avoid walking amongst those who refuse to walk in the light of God. Again, it’s not a judgment thing or a “I'm better than you because of saved” thing, it’s a connection thing.  You see, personalities rub off. There are things even in my life, that I only carry because of who I’ve been around. There were many mistakes that I've made because I was connected to some great people who lived lives that were fraudulent and I thought that it was fine to carry these traits all to find out that it was never worth carrying. Here’s a saying, “you be like, who you be around.” This is why connecting with the right people is so important. You want the right personality traits to fall on you. You want to be connected with people who are morally sound. You want to be around individuals who love God and know how to live a successful life, while pleasing him. These are the traits that you want to fall on you.

When you are around the wrong people, you pick up the wrong habits. Have you ever met someone, heard them speak and they reminded you of someone else? They sounded like them. They even had some of their mannerisms. Then you find out that the person that they reminded you of, is their mentor.  Now it makes sense, right? It doesn’t even have to mean that the person is purposefully imitating their mentor’s behavior, this is just something that happens when you are closely connected to someone. You began to be like them. There is nothing wrong with that either.

Some people will become critical of people who want to be like another. I mean, of course I'm always motivating people to be secure in who they are, but there is a need for everyone to have someone that they look up too. Not be become a cookie cutter copy of the person, but to have someone to gleam from. To learn from. Someone that will joyfully help another along the way.

As I’ve gone through my journey of life, I have picked up so many things from other people. As one point in time, as I stated earlier, I picked up the wrong traits from some people, but thank God that he pulled me out of these circles and placed be around people with real integrity. Being connected to the right people helps you to see the light of life differently. They help you to reach your potential. When you are connected to the right people in this season of your life, they will help you to see levels of greatness in you that you cannot see in yourself. This is why it’s so important to connect with people who are on a greater level in life than you. They help you to see what you don’t see and then they help you to get there.

God has done some amazing things in my life. I know that it’s all the goodness of the lord, but I know that God used certain individuals, to help push me to the right place. This is the same things that God will do for you. He will uses certain people to help move you to the next level. This cannot be done when you are connected to the wrong people. He can only move in your life, through the right people. You have to be responsible enough to recognize when God is pointing you in new directions to connect you with new people.  Here’s a secret. God will use people to bless your life, that you most likely wouldn’t expect him to use. Oh, how disappointed I’ve been so many times in my past, because I thought that certain people who were already in my life, had an obligation to connect me and help me get to where I am today. Little did I know that just because certain people hold a major position in your life, doesn’t mean that they are automatically responsible for making sure that you become a success. Don’t ever get to the place of limiting who you depend on. You may be waiting on your closest friends to help you, or even your own family member who may be in a position to help you, but it doesn’t mean that that’s going to happen. You have to get up and get out. There is some moving around that you have to do so that you can position yourself for new and better things. Take some risks. Go to some networking events. Just get out and meet people every chance you get. 

When God connects you to the right people they will help you make better decisions. They will help you to date the right person. If you have a desire to be happily married, you must connect yourself with some people who are happily married. You can’t be spending time with folks who are married and miserable. They misery will rub off on you. You’ll end up getting married, and expecting misery. You must get connected to people who have had a great experience in marriage.

Maybe you wish to have your own business. Get connected with people who have their own business. Get advice. Have conversations. God will place people in your life that are already where you want to go. I have always dreamed of being a great man of God. I'm still growing but God has allowed me to accomplish some great things along the way. This happened yes, because of the help of the lord, but furthermore, God allowed me to meet some great men of God. They have taken time to pour into me and help me reach my goals. That’s what it’s all about.

You have to connect with the right people. They will not hurt you, but they will help you. The right people, will make sure you’re getting the right information, doing the right things and going the right way. While you’re under construction for life, you need the right people in your life who will help you live this life the right way! Blessed are you when you connected with blessed people.