Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill


Let me just tell it like it is. You have to know who you are connected to. Knowing who you are connected to has way more to do with just knowing their name. Some people think that just because they know a person’s full name, and their hidden nickname, means that they know the individual. It’s about know who they are on the inside. You can know a person’s family, all of their background history, and still not know who they are. People have a way of hiding behind a mask of beauty and keeping all of the things that are wrong with them a secret. This is how people like you and I end up getting caught up in relationships and friendships that ruin our chances of being totally successful. I've been in the awkward position many times.

If you are like me, you like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Its nobody else’s fault but our own. Looking back at some of those past experiences that I’ve had, it’s easy to laugh now. Back then, on the other hand, when I discovered that I was connected to people who were on assignment from the enemy to keep me down, I was furious. Thank God for the experience. Had I not gone through those tough times with those individuals, I would be able to encourage others to pay attention to who they call friend.

It’s sad to say, but most of us who have a great calling on our lives have to go through this. Not to say that we have a right to compare our greatness in life top another, but whenever you live a life that requires a little more effort than others, to achieve certain goals, you’ll end up dealing with fake friends. These are the people who pose as if they are really your friend but they are not. I like to call this experience “the false friendship” experience. These people only attach themselves to you because they can see what potential you have. Just because people come into your life and smile in your face, doesn’t guarantee that they are in your life for the right reason.  Some folks invite themselves to your table and look for something free to eat. In others words, be careful that you’re not allowing someone to have their freedom to pull on your greatness at your expense.

You may be calling someone a friend, who only likes being called your friend because it makes them look good in public. I've been there too. Having people to surround you, because it looked good for them. Who are you calling your friend that you should be calling a leach? They just latch on to you so that they can have a free ride to your destiny. Be careful. You are to blessed for this. You are going to, too many great places and you cannot allow the wrong people to come into your life and be a burden. These people are a burden; you don’t even know it and they don’t either. They are just a thorn to your future.

Your real friend will be by your side through thick and thin. Through the good times and the hard times. True friends are standing with you when you win and when you fail. They don’t take sides with your enemies. They don’t get jealous of your success either. The people that are posing as your friends, but are really just latching on to you because of your greatness, will soon expose themselves. This is how it happens.

You see, it’s a great thing when other people can see your potential. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem comes when they decide that it’s a good idea to become your friend only to benefit them. That their selfish spirit. What will happen is, if they don’t see you giving them what they want in the right amount of time, their true colors will begin to show. They will become frustrated and without them, even realizing it, their start acting as your enemy. They will begin to distant themselves from you. They will become true friends with people who hate you. It’s strange how this happens, but its so true. They will become extremely critical of your good success.

You’ll reflect back and remember how at one time they were your biggest fan. They supported you all the way. When they begin to see that life as your friend isn’t about freebies and handouts, you’ll find out what their true motives were and you will then know that you have been entertaining a false friendship. Here’s a great tip: if you ever notice that this person that you’ve been calling friend, can’t be your friend around other people, there’s a problem. For example, I remember a time I was riding in my call with someone that I thought was my friend. Someone called his phone and asked him about what he was doing at the moment. My supposed friend choked, as if he was caught off guard, needing to make up a lie, and he did. He lied and said he was busy and frustrated at work, when in fact he was riding with me to the music store.

How ironic is that? He couldn’t even claim me as a friend to others. Why? He wasn’t really my friend. This is also a sign that someone that you are calling friend is friend with someone who hates you. Just be careful out there. Don’t fall for everybody’s kindness. Ask God to give you discernment, that you would be able to see when someone is giving you the experience of false friendship. God will connect you with people who have the right motives as it concerns you. He’ll put people in your life that don’t want anything from you but to see you be great.

This is why your connections are so important. Don’t get caught up in the hype of having a large circle of friends. You may have a good 3 or 5, but you know what, as long as your circle is tight, you will all grow and be great together. When there are no enemies on the inside of your circle, enemies on the outside have no power to destroy what’s real.