Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill


Most of us want to always feel safe. This is not a bad choice either. Safety is a necessity in life. We don’t ever put ourselves in danger purposefully. In fact, I love to see the people that we call dare devils because they are so exciting to watch. But, we all know that there are only a select few that will actually put themselves in danger purposefully. For the most part these dare devils, always come out a winner. Interesting, right? It’s a rare occurrence to hear about a dare devil having a fail. They are normally successful at what they set out to accomplish and it blows our minds. They would never be able to entertain the world, if they only do what they are “safe” doing. They have to come out of the box. They have to leave their comfort zone. I’m not trying to inspire you to be a dare devil, but I am encouraging you to come out of your comfort zone.

You may even want to consider yourself to be a dare devil when it comes to the success in life that you want to experience. You are going to be stuck in the same place forever, if you don’t make a purposeful decision to embrace changes. One of the many things that I have learned while on my journey of life is that the enemy would love for us to be stuck in one place for ever. Stuck, going through life with one way of thinking, one way of working, one way of feeling, one level of expectation. When you are going through life and you remain satisfied with that one way of doing everything, you’ll never be able to tap into the amazing creative ability that God has given you. Some of my best days came in my life when I decided to disconnect myself from my normal way of thinking. I began to walk in my God ordained greatness when I decided that my comfort zone deserved my exit.

After a while, when you’re just fed up with being in the same place forever, your creative blood starts running. You will automatically begin to come up with ideas and new ways to do life. A person with no vision, is just fine being in the same position forever. But, a person who can see into the future, knows that being on one place for too long may cause them to miss out on their biggest blessing!

As I share this word of encouragement with you I’m able to reflect on a time when I was forced out of my comfort zone. Now understand this, I wasn’t forced out by others directly, I was forced out by my own consciousness. I had to go. I was comfortable in the same church. Just showing on Sundays and playing the organ and going home. I knew that there was more for me to do in ministry but I was afraid to leave my comfort zone. After a while, I began to get frustrated. It was like I was a shark in a goldfish bowl. What an uncomfortable place to be in right? But it was a good thing. I needed to be uncomfortable in order to feel strong enough about the fact that it was time for a change and I needed to do something about it, so I did. What did I do? I got creative. I could wait on others to catch the vision. I had to get up and go. I could not wait for the approval of others, I had to get up and go. I didn’t even have the unction to sit around and wait for others to lend their hand of support, I had to get up and go! My had to exit my comfort zone.

Being creative is all about trying something new. Doing something that’s never been done before. doing something that the world has never seen before. If you ever find yourself doing something that you consider to be creative, but it’s comfortable for you to do, chances are you aren’t as creative as you think you are. I’m really not trying to downplay your good ideas but in reality, if you call yourself stepping out on faith to do the impossible, and yet you really don’t need faith to do it, it’s probably some that’s not so unfamiliar to you. I get excited when God gives me an idea and it seems to far to reach. I get all hyped up and exited when I find myself in new places and I have no clue as to where I am. Why? This lets me know that I have officially come out of the box. If everything around be is unfamiliar to me, its certain that I have exited my comfort zone.

Whatever you do, don’t panic when God begins to do new things in your life. Don’t lose your mind and wonder about the certainty of your future. Get happy. In this season of your life when you are passionate about getting creative, go for the gold! Break some chains! Don’t allow the history of your family to keep you locked down to one way of doing things forever. It’s time for some new things to begin to happen, but it’s up to you. You have to be the one to decide that enough is enough. Where you are right now, has already served it’s purpose. God wants you to use what He has already placed in you to help you to get to your next level. It’s ok to appreciate tradition. Tradition is actually a good thing. But, tradition becomes a problem when it’s used to hold people hostage from their blessed future. So don’t be afraid to step out. When you step out you step up! your comfort zone is that space that at one time granted you a new opportunity, but you got stuck there and now that place is old and not vital to the growth that you need for today. So get up and get out of there. It’s all good. That place, that job, those people; they have already served that season in your life. You can’t be struck there you have to start making some new moves. Get creative and do something about it. it’s up to you!