Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill


One of the hardest things to do in life is to start free. Being creative takes great faith. A person has to have a certain level of trust in themselves before they figuratively launch out into the deep and try something new. I just finished talking about coming out of your comfort zone and as easy as I can make that sound, I know that it can be a difficult thing to do. One has to truly believe in their self in order to step into a new place or pace of doing things.

I’ve learned in my life that in everything we set out to do, there are always going to be blocks. Nothing just happens because it’s a good idea. You have to work hard. It’s a task in itself just to be creative. It’s work. Remember this. You are an awesome person. Whenever something awesome is getting ready to happen, you must know that opposition is going to come. This is why you fight so much.

You get to a certain place in life and you prepare for change and then you get distracted. You lose focus. I’ve been there so many times. For a long time I would find a way to blame others. Then I began to realize that it’s not other people who serve as the blockage all of the time. In fact, most of the time it’s something that we carry on our own. That thing is called fear. Listen, fear is your worst enemy. Especially to one who is getting ready to step into new things. Fear shows up in the most unexpected things. It’s so funny how there can be no fear in certain areas of your life, but as soon as there is about to be a release of something great, all of a sudden fear kicks in. This is why I am purposefully convincing you to never allow fear to override your faith.

I remember when I was pastoring full time in New Haven, Connecticut, I preached a message one Tuesday night called, I’m never scared. When I preached this message so many were blessed because they were empowered to push through their fears. Fear is the things that causes us to believe that we don’t have the ability to accomplish great things. Maybe you have the fear of failure or the fear not being good enough, whatever your fear may be, don’t let that stop you from being creative.

When you walk in fear it simply means that you are afraid. Don’t go through this season of your life expecting or worrying about bad things. You should be in a place of happiness. You should be expecting the best. When the enemy is nervous about you reaching your place of glory, he will find ways of giving you unpleasant emotions. These unpleasant emotions are caused by your preconceived awareness of danger. You don’t have to be afraid in during this time of your life. Don’t worry and don’t fret. Don’t even sweat the negative thoughts or voices that try to take over your mind.

Don’t let your fear, override your faith. Again, you must be like Peter and step out of the boat. Go for the gold. Make up in your mind that you will not allow fear to take over your heart and mind. The Bible says that God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear, but that of power, love and a sound mind. Whenever fear shows up, you must automatically know that it didn’t come from God. It comes from the enemy. You have to let faith have the lead position in your life. Not to say that there will never be times in life where fear shows up, but at least if you already have the seed of great faith planted on the inside of you, you won’t allow fear to take precedence over your faith.

Notice I said that you must have great faith. Faith being the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, always know that you won’t see your best results right away.  You have to see your next level experience by faith. When being creative, you have to see the end result of your work first.  You have to believe in you more than anyone else. Trust yourself. The Bible says greater is He, who is in you, than he who is in the world! That means that you carry an ability that goes beyond even your own understanding. You can do all things. Why? Because the one who has limitless power lives in you. You must trust God. Then, take your faith to the next level and trust the God in you. You’ve got this. Step out and try something new. Something that a family member has never done before. I have found that stepping out on faith in fun. Even through there are some things that are risky, I believe that God like to see how strong our faith is. The best part about having faith is knowing that even in the most dangerous situations, God will never leave us unprotected.

You have to be so desperate for change, that you get creative enough to go above and beyond. In the Bible, there was a lame man who was paralyzed for quite sometime. He hadn’t moved from the same spot in days. The word was out that Jesus was in a certain house preaching. A few brothers picked the man up to take him to Jesus but when they arrived at the house the place was too full to enter. So the men, climbed up on a rooftop, cut a hole through the roof and lowered the man to Jesus. There are so many interesting things that could be said about this story, but for this moment I want you to see a group of people who decided to allow their faith to override their fears. They were not worried about the crowd or even about the backlash that they could have possibly received. They pressed and did something so far outside of the box, and the lame man received his miracle. Declare this daily: “Faith up, Fear Down.”