Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill


In June 2016 I made a video on the beach in a beautiful place called Long Beach, New York. It was a nice beautiful day. Dominique and I were just dating at the time but she was always so supportive of my ministry. I asked her that day to hold my iPhone and record a video of me preaching on the beach. I know that she probably thought that I was strange but I had a word in me that I wanted to share with the world.

I found a nice position on the beach where the sun would shine directly in my face and the beach waters and sand were right behind me. There was even a family behind me flying a kite. The scenery for the video was perfect, but the message in the video shook the world. I titled the video as, “Stop wasting time with the wrong people!” In the video, I began talking about how often times we connect with people who mean us no good. We end up going through life calling the wrong people our friends. It becomes a waste. Unfortunately, there are people in our lives who are just taking up space. They are blocking the space that’s needed for the right people to show up.

In that video that reached over 15 million views, I talked about how there are people in our lives that think that we will never be blessed without them. Oh my, this is a big one. How many times have you found yourself connected to people who think that all of the glory belongs to them? I've been there.

I was once in a relationship with an individual when I was in my twenties, and it was bad. She and her family were the type of people who thought that they were the only people in the world who were worth something. In their mind, anyone who was connected to them was great. Anyone who wasn’t, was not so great. Please by all means don’t be connected to them, and then disconnect from them. Now you’re just of the devil; at least in their eyes. It’s funny how your life gets much better when you disconnect yourself from the wrong people. You begin to flourish. You find your freedom. Maybe you need to be free from feeling like you need to impress certain people in your life. The wrong will compete with you. They will always try to find ways to keep you beneath them. Now, the relationship I'm talking about here had a lot to do with dimming my light. This young lady was only comfortable with my presence because at that time I wasn’t successful. Here’s a good time for a major point. Some people only like you, because they perceive you to be beneath them. As soon as you begin to grow they will become intimidated by your growth and began to try their best to dim your light of success. I know this all too well. But remember, when the hand of God is on your life, nobody can stop you from being blessed! Ok, back to my testimony, it’s now many years later and that same individual that I was dating back, is still obsessed with trying to ruin my success. But its not working. Even if you so happen to make the mistake of connecting with the wrong people for a season and then getting away, when they try to dim your life, they will only make you shine brighter.

Having the wrong people in your life will cause you to miss your blessing. There are some places that God wants to take you. He won’t release you to that place until you stop wasting time with the wrong folks. I like to think about a ship. There are some folks that need to be thrown overboard! I always say, I'm full of love so I will at least give them a life vest. LOL! Metaphorically speaking, your journey is being hindered. It’s not until you remove some folks out of your life, you will not reach your destiny. I'm talking about removing the people who are wrong for your life. There are some people who are right for others, but they are not right for you. You must know the difference.

Whenever you realize that people are draining you and not helping you gain, they are not good for you. People who pull you away from the goodness of the lord, need to be pulled out of your life.

There are some people in my life, that I don’t mind talking to everyday. Why? We talk about valuable things. We talk about vision. We talk about dreams and making major plans. We don’t gossip and waste energy on foolish things. But, we talk about the goodness of the Lord and we celebrate in advance for what God is doing in our lives. We aren’t afraid to be happy for each other. We find was to push each other to the next level. No conversation is a waste of time. This are some of the characteristics of the right people that need to be in your life.

Then you have the people who waste time, energy and space. They never speak well of others. In fact, that’s a trait that you need to pay close attention to as well. If they are always speaking wrong of others, there is a great chance that when you’re not around, they are speaking wrong of you too! Don’t waste time having those negative conversations with them. Stop wasting time with small thinkers. People who try to limit your ability to dream big. You need to be around people who will encourage you to keep dreaming big.

You have to be around people who speak the right words. Surrounding yourself with people who always speak down, will cause you to start speaking down. You don’t need any negativity rubbing off on you. It reminds me of the gym that I work out in sometimes. They have a certain rule plastered all over the gym. I've adopted my own rule and I want you too do it as well. Make your life and no negativity zone.

Let it be your reputation, that no drama, no negativity or no things that is not of God, is welcomed in your space. Don’t waste time with the wrong folks. Anybody who pulls you away from your best, is not the best for you to be connected to. When you are connected to the right people, no time with them is a waste. Time with the right people is always worth it.