Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill


Take a moment with me and imagine that you’re standing in front of a tall staircase. Now, in this vision, you have a desire to get to the top of this staircase. So instead of just standing there looking at the staircase you decide to take the first step. As you are taking the first step, your excitement about reaching the top of the staircase, causes you to look at the top of the staircase instead of focusing on the step that you’re on and the next step that you need to take next. So, what happens next? You stumble. You have to start over. You keep slipping because it’s impossible for you to take each step correctly if you’re always looking at the last step at the top. So even though the top of the staircase is there for you to reach it, it takes much longer for you to get there because you’re focused on the last step at the top, rather than being focused on the step you’re on and the next step in front of you. Now, let’s come out of our vision and step into our reality.

That sounds just like our lives. We all have a place that we want to be. You have that dream relationship in mind. Those dream friendships with amazing people in your mind. You are planning for your financial situation to get better. You want your body to be healed. You’ve started a business and you can’t wait to see your business expand beyond your wildest dreams.  But you also end up wondering, why it takes so long? I believe that most of us get stymied because we don’t know how to simply enjoy the place that we are in for the now. It’s a great thing to have a vison for your future, but you cannot be so focused on the future that you forget to plan an prepare for the best of your “right now.” If you’re always looking to the future but ignoring your today, you’ll always stumble and your progress with be bewildered. You have to enjoy where you are now.

I'm not telling you to enjoy where you are now so much that you don’t want to grow and get better, I'm just trying to help you to appreciate what you do have. Maybe you’re hoping for a better group of friends. You’ve been praying and asking God to connect you with people who have more influence or more money. Take time to appreciate the people that you have in your life now. God may end up raising up one of your current friend to become the type of person that you dream of being friends with. You may be in a relationship and you have admired the long-lasting joyful relationships of others. You now have a desire to have that type of experience as well.  You can’t be forcing your spouse to be like them or get upset because you and your mate haven’t reached that plateau just yet. You must learn to enjoy your now moments while thanking God that better days are indeed ahead. Your business is going to thrive. your ideas and visions will come to pass. But don’t look to the top of the staircase. You must look at where you are and make the best of it. I know it seems like getting to the top takes too long, but it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t want to bless you, it just means that you’re under construction. You must be ok with that.

God has a special way of conditioning us for where we are. I read in the bible where the Apostle Paul said, that he learned to be content in whatever state he was in. So many have confused the content of his words. When he spoke these words, he wasn’t saying that he was so content that he didn’t want to ever change, he was letting us know that no matter where I am, I've learned to be grateful for the moment. You have to be the same way. You may not be where you want to be, but be grateful. You may not have all that you want to have, but be grateful. God will condition you for your now moment.

When God conditions us, he is training us. So many times, we go through those tough moments of knowing our potential, but not seeing the results of it. I can tell you about many moments in my life, where I wanted to just throw in the towel. I knew that I could do certain things but it’s almost like it just wouldn’t happen. But, God began to condition me for those seasons. I say He began to, because God will only condition you if you let him. You must let Him train you. When the Lord has full reign over your life, he will influence you to do certain things and to think certain ways. Your faith and trust in God, will cause you to get in agreement with God concerning your now and your future.

Conditioning as everything to do with adapting. In order for you to truly enjoy where you are right now, you must be willing to adapt. When you adapt to where you are you are conforming to your current experience. Not to settle, but conforming in a sense of declaring, “I'm not going to fight where I am, I'm going to enjoy where I am knowing that this won’t last forever.”

Conditioning reminds me of an old saying that I used to hear in church where the saints would say, “Any way you bless me Lord, I’ll be satisfied.” As you are under construction in life, take some time to pay attention to what’s happening around you now. There are so many lessons to be learned in your now. I always look back on the times that I didn’t appreciate so much because there were so many amazing lessons learned. Don’t wait until later to appreciate the “right now times.” Enjoy them now!

Everything that happens now, is just preparation for the future. Even if you’re uncomfortable with it, God will condition you for this season. Allow Him to do it. See the top of the staircase, but don’t ignore the step that you’re on and the step that’s in front of you. Don’t waste time stumbling because you’re in a rush to reach your goals. Learn as much as you can now and take your time.

If you allow God to condition you for the journey, you’ll reach your goals sooner that you think.