Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill


I believe we've have all been through some storms. I mean, when you talk about quitting, the first thing most of us will think about would be the storms that we've been through. It's in the middle of these storms of life that we want to quit the most. What are these storms? They are the circumstances that we don't want to have. I mean, nobody just wakes ups and decides that they want to go through hell for the next 24 hours. Even in the natural, when we turn on the tv to check the weather, we get weary know that there's a storm coming. Why? Nobody just likes storms. First natural and then spiritual. Our spiritual storms come to knock us off track! They come to take up off focus and ruin our chances of reaching our destiny. Even as we are talking about how our lives are under construction, I think about a building. One that's in the process of being built. Even as the construction work is happening, though the building isn't complete, the storms that come during the process don't destroy the process.

The storm passes, and they keep in building. Even if a storm comes and does a little damage, it still doesn't stop the job from being completed. Why? Even the frame has been conditioned to handle the storms! You are the same way! You have been conditioned for any storm. As I just described what storms come to do previously, I believe that the Lord conditions us to see our storms not as pain, but as a part of our preparation for our future!  As I always say, the pain of my past, prepared me for the blessings of my future. You have to declare the same thing. If you're going through a storm right now, you have to declare, that you pain is just  preparing you. See the storm and a tool for strength. Don't tell yourself that, it's time to quit, or it's time to give up. No, start saying this storm is just a part of my conditioning. I thank God for the storms that I've been through. They just made me stronger. That's should be your same testimony. That everything that you've already been through it just made you better. The storm that you are facing right now, is making you better. 

It's it amazing how God is a God of patterns. I think about David in the Bible. How when he was getting ready to face Goliath, everybody though that he had lost his mind. But he didn't he had the confidence to face Goliath because of how he made it through previous storms with the victory. They asked him about what it was that gave him the confidence to face a warrior like Goliath. David was able to testify about the fact that he faced and lion and got the victory. He had a fight with a bear, and came out with total victory. So he already knew what he was capable of because of the previous conditioning that he has already had. God is a God of patterns. If He's brought you through before, He'll bring you through again.

Not only does god bring you though the storms but He allows you to grow through the storms. It's like growing pains. They hurt for a little while but sooner than you expect it you see why you have to go through it. Growth was taking place. That's how I feel when I look back on my storms. It wasn't to destroy me, it was to help me grow. I've adopted this principle for living and I hope you will too. We don't just "go" through the storm, but we "grow" through the storm. When you just go though, you come out and that's great, but it doesn't suggest that you've gained anything from it.

So many times people say, don't ever look back on you past. As much as I do agree with the intentions of that statement I have to make and acceptation. Let me explain. When a person looks back on their past to re-live it because that's their comfort zone and it prevents them from moving forward, then yes, don't look back. If you want to look back on your past because you want to be stuck in that past pain, then yes, I'm going to discourage you from doing so. But, if you're line me and you value the fact that you didn't just go through your storms by you grew through your storms, then I would encourage you to look back, only with the purpose of reflecting on the lessons that you've learned because of those past experiences. Look back and see where you have come from. Look back as a reminder of some of the places that you need to return to no more. Look back to remember the mistakes that you've made in the past. Many people end up repeating the same mistakes of their past because they never grew from those mistakes. They never grew for their falls.

I thank God for ever painful experience of my life. Why? Because it made me greater than what I was. I grew. Growth took place through and after very bad relationship. Growth took place after ever door that was shut in my face in ministry. Growth took place when I found out that my closest friends were actually my worst enemies. Growth took place through every storm. At one time, I would see all of my pain as a destiny blocking circumstance, but then I grew to realize it was conditioning for my destiny!

Let the conditioning happen. It's painful yes, but it's all a part of the process. Go through your tough times but grow through the touch times. You may not learn every lesson through the first storm, but when another storm comes you'll be prepared to face it with confidence knowing that everything will be alright. When you see a storm coming, don't get fearful, by start rejoicing for the fact that growth is about to take place!