Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill


When I think about the people who pull us up, I think about the people who are helpers. We all need help. There is nothing wrong with being helped. One of the reason why some never finish their construction process in life, is because they refuse to get help. Pride cause mankind to refuse help. When you refuse help, you refuse progress. I thank God for the people who help and have helped me. I thank God for the people who pull me up.

Sadly, there are more people in the world, who would rather pull you down than to pull you up. Therefore, it’s so important, that when God connects you with the right people, and you recognize that they are in your life to help you, you must appreciate them and allow them to do what God has placed them in your life to do. These people are hard to find. They are a part of the group of people that you keep around because they want to see you be a success. They don’t want to help you win because of how it will make them look good, but because of how they want you to look good. The people in your life that pull you up are people who have already arrived and now they want to share the goodness with you.

When you are in this season of your life, knowing that you are under construction, takes knowing who to connect with that can help you build and re-build the right way. God will place people in your life who want to pull you up and not pull you down. You have been around too many “pull down” people. It’s about time for your company to change.

God connecting you with the right people, is not just about people coming into your life to satisfy and make you feel good all of the time. The people who pull you up, may get on your nerves. You see, when people really want to see you grow, they will tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear. There may be some conversations, that make you mad. But they are needed. I can tell you, some of my most frustrating conversations, made me a better person. It takes people who could care less to stroke your ego, to make you rise to the occasion and become a winner in life. You can surround yourself with people who only want to make you feel good. I live by this principle, that everyone in my life that will feed me good words just to keep me satisfied, don’t need to be in my life.

If I have an ugly stain on the back of my jacket, I can’t see it, you know that I can’t see it, and you let me stand on stage and speak to a crowd, you don’t really care about me. One who cares would stop me in my tracks and tell me that there is an ugly stain on my coat. Even if it makes me upset, ill appreciate one who would rather me look my best. That’s a person who pulls you up.

Now, first natural then spiritual. There are some things that are wrong with us that we can see. Others see it. it’s a shame when people will allow you and I to continue in our ways without even trying to help us get better. The people who pull you up, will see your weak areas, point them out, and then help you to grow. They won’t just point out your flaws and leave you hanging. People who want to pull you down, love to expose everything that’s wrong with you without helping you. That’s their way of pulling you down. In fact, if they can expose all of your faults, that’s their way of keeping you in the same place.

The people who want to pull you up, will expose your flaws and then they will do whatever it takes to help you get over those flaws the right way. A big part of aa person desiring to pull you up is how they want to empower you and not embarrass you. They will take time to teach you. Show you the way. They will pray for you and praise with you when they see growth.

You have to stay connected to these folks, even if they work you to misery. It’s not really misery, it’s love.

One thing that I love about being connected to the right people is how, we can help each other. I pray every day asking God to allow the right people to cross my path who will benefit me and be benefitted by me. We have to be the person who helps somebody else come up. There are some people who are above us that will pull us to the next level. But then, there are people who are on lower levels than us, that we are responsible for pulling up too! While you’re trusting God to put the right people in your life to pull you up, somebody is praying to meet you, so that God can use you to help them come up. remember this, what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.  Don’t be selfish with with this connection thing. As we are all growing we all need each other. Networking is so important. As you connect with great people, you have to be willing to help others get connected with the right people as well. Don’t be the person who always wants everybody to pull you up, but you don’t find the time to help someone else to grow.

When you recognize that the right people are in your life, you will never have to second guess the validity. I seen an image online one time. There in the picture was a man in a deep hole. He’s reaching up for help and a man is reaching in as if he’s going to give him a hand. The image shows both men reaching and they are struggling to connect. All the while, the man who is trying to help has a ladder, but he refuses to use it. why wouldn’t he just use the ladder and help the man escape? Because he really didn’t want to see the man helped. There are some people in our lives that act like they want to help, but they really don’t. you are in a great season of your life. Growth is happening. Thank God in advance for the fact that he’s sending people to pull you up, and they are glad to do it. your connections are important. Make the right ones, with the right people.