Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill


I remember when I was a much younger boy, my grandfather challenged me in front of the whole church. At that time the ministry was experiencing a rough season. My grandfather has always been a man of great vision and as he was encouraging the church on going to the next level, he told me to stand up. So, I stood. He said, “Marcus close your eyes”. I closed them. The he asked me, “Marcus, what do you see?” I said, “Papa, I don’t see nothing!” LOL! I can’t tell you how many times that I have heard this story told, but every time I hear it I do laugh out loud. I didn’t understand what my grandfather was trying to teach me then, but I understand now. He wanted me to see the church filled to capacity. Not necessarily with my natural eyes but with my spiritual eyes. He wanted me to see and think beyond the norm.

My question to you is, what do you see? As it pertains to your current situation, what do you see? Do you see yourself as average? Or do you see yourself as awesome? I made up in my mind a few years ago, that I would never label myself as an ordinary person. I am determined to see myself as extraordinary. You see, our norm would suggest that we are average or ordinary, but when you have a vision to live, see and think beyond the norm you’ll never limit yourself to what’s regular. You’ll always see yourself as greater, stronger, wiser; you know, then best! And that’s ok! As you began to purposefully get creative with your life you must be motivated to think beyond the norm. In order to be comfortable thinking beyond the norm, you must first see yourself as above normal. This isn’t an invitation to arrogant but and invite to understand and know your worth. As I stated before, creative people aren’t interested in repeats. While you’re waiting on the next level of your life to begin, you mind should be so open to learning how God will use what’s in your hands to bless you own life and bless others.

Once you have gained comfort in the fact that you are not average but you are awesome, you will begin to step out and try awesome things. Things that most people would be afraid of. I know that sounds exciting, but it must first be in your mind. What kind of thinker are you? Do you think small or do you think big? You know, people who think big are often criticized. We are judged. In fact, let’s just be honest, people think you’re just flat out crazy when you think big. This is the good news for you. While you’re in this creative season of your life, no one in this world should have a strong enough option, to make you change your mind. You have to think big and refuse to allow anyone to convince you that you’re off track.

It’s the big thinkers that produce big things. Sometimes you can have something so amazing on your mind and you’ll ignore it because it seems to big to accomplish. Those are the ideas that you should purposely chase after. I always say, when God gives you a vision that seems too big, accept it and start working. I'm not attempting to discourage any of your dreams, but I do want to paint a picture for you. Whenever you come up with an idea that you know is already possible, I believe that there is a 99% chance that it’s not original. It sounds crazy right? Well that’s a big thinker for you. We all would like to have a vision and it be an easy process to victory, but when you think outside of the box its always going to be bigger. You have to think as if all walls that are blocking you from going to the next level are coming down. You have to take the limits off. When you put limits on your creativity you’re putting boundaries on the possibilities of your future. If you’re going to have limits, at least leave that up to your enemies and haters. Don’t you be the one to cause your wildest dreams to never come true because you chose you think small. You are too great for that. You have to make up in your mind, that as you are growing in life and preparing for the release of God’s best for you, you are going to take the limits off! Before God can do the impossible in your life you have to have enough faith to release Him to do it.

You certainly cannot allow the experiences of your past to cause you to think small. Some will say, my family was regular or my, education was regular. Those are limits. The only time you should reflect on your past is to be refreshed as to how God has already worked miracles in your life. I never let my past limit me. I look back only to remember the lessons that I’ve learned.

Always think of your mind as spreading. You’ll notice as you began to practice thinking beyond the norm, you’ll feel a sense of stretching. Your thoughts will open up. you won’t be afraid to break a few “norm” rules. It reminds me of Peter in the Bible. He knew that Jesus was inviting him to step out of the boat (which is in fact perfect when thinking about stepping out of the box) He was invited by the Lord to do something that had never been done before. The other gentlemen in the boat were average thinkers. They said he was crazy. They told him not to do it. But, Peter was one who wasn’t afraid to think outside of the box. He took a risk. He got creative. He stepped out of the boat and successfully walked on the water to get to Jesus. Now there is so much more we can talk about as it concerns this Bible story, but you get the point. Think beyond the norm. don’t be afraid to step out of the “normal” box!