Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill


I would say that the best part of the conditioning season, is that it doesn’t last forever. Thank God, right? I mean, we can find many things about this time of our life, that we love, but surely, we don’t want it to last forever. It reminds me of how the greatest athletes train. The work so hard during the off season, to prepare for game time. Game time may not be for weeks, but they go through intense conditioning, in order to be prepared to go out when its game time and win. They have a conditioning season, before the competing season begins. I remember when I took my stab at sports. In high school I tried out for football. Needless to say, I didn’t work out, but I did learn many lessons. First lesson I learned, was that I can’t go through life trying to be somebody or something that I wasn’t called to be. Aside from that, I'm still talking about conditioning. I didn’t know that before tryouts, I should have been preparing. I should have been training. I should have been working out and gearing up for the tryouts. I got out there on the field and everybody ran over me. I thought that it was enough for me to put on pads and a uniform and run out there and be a star. I found out quickly that I was not conditioned to play football. I hadn’t been trained. As far as the rest of those guys, they had already been through their conditioning season and they were ready to go. First natural and then spiritual. How often do you step out and try to accomplish things that you haven’t been conditioned for?

So many times, in life, we move into places or start doing things that we haven’t been prepared to do. I know for a fact, that I could probably be much further along in life, if I would have never stepped out and tried to accomplish things that I wasn’t ready for. It’s called moving too soon. Having confidence is a great thing, but conference without proper preparation will lead to failure. You must do the ground work. Then you have to be patient enough to allow what you don’t to prepare for the next level to work. The reason why lots of people, miss out on the fullness of being prepared and conditioned for the next level, is because they don’t realize that the conditioning season will not last forever.  It feels like a long time, but it is really just temporary. It’s a part of the process.

Don’t skip the process. There is a season of process that we all have to go through before we reach our destiny. We have to go through it. it is a must. Nobody, can truly step into their season of greatness, without going through the process. Get through the process knowing that this season will change. It’s just like the athletes. They endure their conditioning season and then they eventually practice specifically for game time. What do we learn here? Even in sports, there is constant preparation. Conditioning season turns to practice season and then we are ready to compete. Imagine how many athletes would give up, if they were trained to believe that the conditioning season would last forever. They would all quit. But there is a level of constancy that comes with the conditioning. They know that everything that they do comes with a purpose. Even more so, the conditioning season for athletes is a very painful time. The drills that they run are excruciating. The exercises that they perform are stressful. Often times you hear about guys, passing out, getting injured and unfortunately, we’ve heard of occasions where athletes have lost their lives, while performing conditioning drills. As we are certainly not looking forward to this conditioning season of our lives be one to cause death, we know that there are some unwelcomed experiences that we have to face during this time. But it’s going to be alright. Even as we go through storms and hard times, when you know that it’s all a part of the process. We don’t lose our cool. We keep on going. We keep on working. We keep on pushing. When you know that this season isn’t going to las forever, you will get excited knowing that game time is coming soon. Your game time is right around the corner. It won’t be long before your season changes and you realize that all that you’ve been through prepared you for your destiny.

Don’t try to take shortcuts. When we try to take short cuts, we delay our arrival. You actually slow yourself down when you try to find ways around the journey. It happens in real life sometimes too. Have you ever had a time when you were on a road trip and decided to take a shortcut, all to find out that it wasn’t a shortcut at all? Its real. I've done it many times. I always end up saying, “I should have stayed on the road that the GPS to me to stay on.” Oh, the agony of being in a rush, all to take what you think is a shortcut, to still arrive at your destination later than originally expected.

That’s how we mess up in life as well. God sets us on a certain path. When we think that God’s way is not the best way, we try to come up with our own plan. We will always fail. I know that you’re tired of being in this same position, going through the same drills in life, but hold on. After a while you’re coming out with the victory. You’re not going through this season for nothing. You’re just preparing for game time. As the Bible says, we must count it all joy, when we face problems. When we run from conditioning, we run from preparation. When you run from preparation, you actually run from your victory. Don’t quit during the conditioning season. It may last a little longer that you would like it to, but it’s all worth it. this season will not last forever. Its working for you’re good. Your time to shine, is coming soon. Work hard now. Let God condition you now. You’re under construction and ok with the conditioning process. Get through it, learn all that you can, and be prepared for game time. The victory is already yours!